In 1857, the Methodist Society was organized by J.R. Tansey and was headquartered

                                     at Bidwell Bar, although the first services were held at Long Bar mining camp in 1849.

                                     In May 1878, the First Methodist Episcopal Church was incorporated, and on the 4th

                                     of April 1879, the cornerstone was laid at the northeast corner of Bird and Lincoln for the First Methodist Church building in Oroville. It was completed in 1883.

A newer, much larger church at Robinson and Lincoln streets, was begun in 1909 and dedicated in March 1911.  The building was completed for  $22,000.00!  The Reuter Pipe Organ was installed in that church in 1925.

Ground breaking for the present church on Acacia Ave. was began in February 1965, and a month later the old church on Robinson and Lincoln was torn down, it was 55 years old.

The first services at the new church were held on September 26, 1965


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