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Reservation Deposit*                                         -               $150.00

Room Fees

Sanctuary˚                                                           -               $150.00

Sanford Chapel˚                                                   -                 $25.00

(An outdoor chapel - with simple seating)

Social Hall˚                                                           -               $200.00

Social Hall˚  (w/Full Kitchen access)                                   -               $275.00

Custodian                                                       $75.00             $75.00

Full Kitchen˚                                                         -               $100.00

Other Fees

Pastor (Suggested)                                              -               $150.00

Event Host                                                                           $15/Hr

Organist                                                          $75.00            $75.00

Sound Tech                                               Negotiable       Negotiable

Dishwasher                                                      $15/Hr          $15/Hr

Additional Room Fees

Sanctuary                                                           -               $50 per hr

Sanford Chapel                                                   -              $10 per hr

(An outdoor chapel - with simple seating)

Social Hall                                                           -               $75 per hr

Social Hall  (w/Full Kitchen access)                                 -              $125 per hr

Custodian                                                       $75.00             $75.00

Full Kitchen                                                       -               $30 per hr

All fees, except to the pastor, are due one week prior to the wedding or other event.  These fees help defray the cost of utilities and upkeep and contribute to the mission of the church.

These are negotiable for service groups and organizations.

*Refundable if facility left the same as before event

˚ For the first 6 hours

Must rent to use for any food prep and/or storage